3 Principles for Writing Content for Digital Assets

3 עקרונות בכתיבת תוכן דיגיטלי

Content is an essential part of the human experience. Through words, we receive information, express emotions, ask for help, convince others to try something new, build relationships, and more.

The digital world has opened the doors to new ways brands and companies can communicate with their customers online, through blogs, on mobile and on social media.
Do the mountains of content currently available in the digital space actually interest customers? Instead of writing another boring piece that everyone has already ready tens of times, marketing and content professionals have the opportunity to create rich, surprising and even exciting content for brands and their customers. But know that the 2019 digital content consumer has a few requests

Speak to me in simple terms

Official, harsh and distant language is likely to alienate customers and create a negative impression of the brand. Today’s brands are tasked with speaking to customers at face value, in pleasant language. The internet has shattered the glass ceiling that once existed between official written and spoken language. When using WhatsApp or chat, we write as we speak – in a light and flowy manner. The language must still be respectful, reflective, clear and precise, but it must also be accessible, warm and human.

Give me a good reason to listen to you

Customer have a good reason for being suspicious of the content they receive from companies. Everyone is trying to sell them something, and every time they give out their email address or phone number, they fear being subject to a wave of spam messages and irrelevant marketing materials.How do you acquire their trust? By presenting them content that is rich in value FOR THEM. Customers wasn’t to know how they will “profit” from reading the article. Or in other words, what’s in it for them? Try and be as specific and precise as possible when answering this questions, and present content that reflects the brand’s areas of expertise

Excite me, show me something new

Content is not just text. It can come in a variety of formats: podcasts, Facebook videos, Live Stories on Instagram, interesting infographics, tutorials, interactive questionnaires and more. Regardless of the format you select, it is important that you ensure that the story itself is interesting. The story can begin with a celebrity quote, such as “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell” (Seth Godin). Or, you can start off with interesting statistical data, such as: content marketing reaches 3 times more leads (ORACLE). Or, you can begin by describing a unique or exciting case study – what’s most important is that the target audience connects to the story and that messages you transmit are presented in a clear and interesting way. To sum, in 2019, customers expect to receive interesting, relevant and updated content from companies. Content and marketing professionals who do not meet these expectations, will find themselves lagging behind when it comes to vying for consumers’ attention.
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