B2B Marketing Technologies – A Glance at 2019
טכנולוגיות בשיווק B2B – מבט ל 2019
The B2B marketing world, and especially the hi-tech and start-up companies are active in international markets, are leading Israel’s (and the world’s) integration of technology and platforms in advertising and marketing activities. The unique and complex processes involved in the sales process, which can take place over the course of several months and even years, require companies to manage their data in as organized and as identifiable a manner as possible, especially when coupled with a limited number of customers. A survey published by dun&bradstreet revealed that 90% of B2B companies believe that using data and analytics changed their approach to marketing and advertising. That being said, for most companies, the real power of data remains unharnessed, as they continue to rely on basic or non-advanced data management and automation technologies. The dun&brandstreet survey examined various innovative technologies – data, automation and analytics, and divided brands’ user of them into two categories: basic and advanced.
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It’s no surprise that the long-lived digital marketing management platforms -CMS, web analytics and CRM, are commonly used by these companies The platforms in Technology Group A were developed in recent years and rely on data to activate them or supply more data on every customer. They are still in learning or penetrations stages. Within Group A, you can see a technological solution that is still in its infancy and has yet to be used in an advanced way for most companies. This technology is called CDP, the customer data platform, a technology designed to gather and manage all a company’s data on its identified and unidentified customers, on a user level, from a variety of sources. Another characteristic of Group A is the number of companies that admit to using these tools in an advanced fashion. The percentage is relatively low, indicating the technology is still in a penetration stage.

To sum:

The field of B2B marketing tends to adopt technologies and tactics, driving the future of B2B marketing in an innovative direction. An analysis of the attached graph indicates:

  • An expansion of data cycles to include big data – third-party data, DMP, identified and unidentified data, CDP
  • A connection to data channels – programmatic and marketing automation.
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