Email Marketing in 2019 – The Trends You Need to Know

אימייל מרקטינג 2019 - המגמות והטרנדים שכדאי להכיר
Email marketing has long been (and continue to be) one of the most effective marketing tools for improving sales, strengthening customer-brand relationships and sending updated information on company services and products. In an era teeming with multiple means of communicating with the customer, such as chats and real-time notification apps, the newsletter remains the most popular way to communicate with the customer, especially when it comes to business communications. The world of digital marketing is advancing, and with it the field of email marketing. Here are a few trends that you’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2019:
Customer-centric marketing
The focus is shifting from the product or service the company provides to the value the product or service provides to the customer. Namely, the newsletter you send out must tell the customer the story of “What they get out of it.” To accomplish this goal, marketers must get to know and understand their target audience, and identify the “situation” the customer is in upon receiving the email. For example, a customer can be in a situation in which they need information on a specific product or service, they can be mulling a purchase an in need of a “little push” to convince them to buy, or they can want to buy, but are in need of the fastest and most comfortable way to complete their purchasing journey.
אימייל מרקטינג 2019 - המגמות והטרנדים שכדאי להכיר
Content remains king
The more high-quality, interesting and valuable the marketing content is, the greater the odds of the content generating long-term customer-brand relationships will be. It is important that your email content be versatile, relevant to your audience and to current events, and, of course, significantly valuable to the customer. For a newsletter to succeed, it is important to define its goal ahead of time and monitor its results. It is also important to remember that content does not have to be just text; the current trend is to integrate videos, infographics and images within your marketing emails.
אימייל מרקטינג 2019 - המגמות והטרנדים שכדאי להכיר
Marketing Automation – Let the email work for you
The use marketing automation systems enables marketers to deploy more accurate emails at the right, most relevant time for the various customers on their list, following segmentation. Marketing automation enables you to cut costs, shorted timelines and significantly increase conversion rates. And while it doesn’t mean your marketers will stop working, it does mean that they can invest their time and marketing efforts in more needed areas.
A stable open rate, yet continuously decreasing relief rate
In 2018, the subject line succeeded in enticing customers to open marketing emails, but fewer customers were motivated to act by messages within the body of the email. As such, it is important to ensure that inline messages are also interesting, relevant and call to action. In 2019, this is being done by integrating interactive tools and special features.
אימייל מרקטינג 2019
New tools to surprise and excite the customer
Customers receive a ton of newsletters to their inbox. As such, it is important that your newsletter stand out. One way of ensuring this is by integrating features that enhance the user experience and enable the message to be presented in an interesting way. For example, you can add a countdown to your newsletter that shows when a coupon will expire, or a survey that shows, in real-time, how people are responding, or even a feature that enables you to present different content according to when it is opened. To sum, there are tons of new trends that enable marketers to more efficiently and precisely engage in email marketing. Proper use of this tool helps create brand loyalty and increase conversions.
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