Quality personalization requires complex planning establishing and operating data & technology

Digital personalization

Customers expect and appreciate a personalized experience. However, creating a personalized digital experience is the biggest challenge in data-based marketing.

Quality personalization requires complex planning, establishing and operating data & technology infrastructures and design of many elements.Our offer includes marketing consultants and digital experts who work according to our proven methodology and plan customized road plan for each company with final goal of delivering digital and personal customer experience that increases value for the company and its customers:

  • Planning + accompanying the activity and various meeting points.
  • CDP – Behavioral data and connection to CRM.
  • Build a customer profile in real-time.
  • Personalization for the site – Pop-ups and banners.
  • Personal email – Personal products, coupons, and more.
  • AI-based recommendation engine.
  • AI optimization – Machine-based tailored message creation engine.
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