Who Are We

A team that is committed to thinking, implementing
and assimilating every program,
campaign or technology that leverages data to create
and improve marketing relationships between brands
and their customers.

Sniper Marketing was established in 2008 on the principle that data is the backbone of the digital marketing world
we live in today.

As pioneers of the Israeli data-driven digital marketing world, we have transformed the fields of personalization and customer journeys into an art, with respect to planning loyalty programs and understanding the journey customers experience prior to purchasing. This is done using a wide variety of strategies, operational solutions and an integration of innovative technologies and platforms.

Our company focuses on two main operational channels:

Sniper for B2C – We specialize in customer-centric marketing solutions for companies selling to end user. To do so, our activities focus on strategic, digital and technological capabilities in the fields of customer loyalty and customer journey planning.

Sniper for B2B – We specialize in marketing solutions for technology and industry companies that focus on their decision-maker business clients. To do so, our activities focus on Inbound marketing activities and integrate the use of Hubspot.

We believe in:

  • Customization – Matching the most precise product to each company
  • A multidisciplinary approach – Data and analytics alongside creative
  • Actionable analytics – Insights designed to go beyond reflection to improve and carve a path
  • Technology as part of solution, not just an infrastructure
  • ROI – Of technologies and campaign
  • Integrate dreams with execution
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נייד: 052-5234566

אימייל: lee@sniper-m.com

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