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Our B2B department helps industrial and technology companies active in international market marketing to become & execute customer-centric, multichannel digital strategies. These activities help create quality lead generation, profit enhancement and growth acceleration.


The advent of the digital space has dramatically changed the way recruitment, retention and sales processes unfold in the B2B world. Customers search and research for the solutions they desire without having to contact or leave identifying details with a company – and they choose the best time for them to finally reach out. In order to succeed in this space, customers must create high-quality and comprehensive content that responds to their potential customers’ needs – and publish it on a wide variety of channels, while continuously engaging in monitoring and inspection activities. Our B2B department will help you create an Inbound strategy that continuously generates consistent and quality results:
  • Goals and KPIs setting
  • Content strategy & execution
  • Personas and ideal companies
  • Establish content channels and assets
  • SEO strategy – topic cluster & pillar pages
  • Social media strategy – LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook & Instagram
  • Conversion funnels optimization
  • Smarketing – aligning sales with marketing


The balance of high recruitment costs and potentially significant financial gains recruit B2B market players to employ customer retention and loyalty programs.
The difference in business model and the different needs of each company require B2B companies to create loyalty and retention programs that are tailored and customize to each company.
Our knowledge and experience in planning loyalty and retention programs for a wide variety of businesses enable us to customize retention programs that generate new revenue, and  bland into the growth strategy.

  • Monitory base reward program
  • Engagement base reward program
  • Renewal strategy for SaaS companies
  • Life cycle retention program
  • Incentives programs
  • New customer journey planning
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Cross-sell & up-sell activities

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Efficient B2B sales processes can be long and complex. Digitally monitoring the customer’s journey, in conjunction with maintaining an ongoing brand-customer relationship can help your sales department identify whether a lead is mature and, at the end of the day, increase your company’s odds of closing a deal. Our team helps assimilate technological tools and run a structured and efficient digital sales process.
  • Smarketing – aligning sales with marketing 
  • Buyer journey planning
  • Analyze sales funnels
  • Create sequence touch points 
  • Create content and messaging
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Analysis and dashboards


Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B company-specific sales tactic that requires supreme cooperation between a company’s sales and marketing departments, in order to identify and get to know those key players in a target organization and engage in a digital dialogue with each and every one of them, in accordance with their field of expertise and responsibilities. ABM is a complex tactic, but one that leads to especially high ROI. Our team provides companies interested in managing ABM processes with a wide variety of tools and capabilities:
  • Ideal customer profile (ICP) 
  • Companies & decision makers mapping 
  • Decision makers intelligence
  • Personalized content and messaging 
  • Personalized paid media targeting
  • 1:1 customer journey planing 
  • Activities optimization


HubSpot is the world’s leading Inboundmarketing platform. The platform contains a comprehensive solution for marketing, sales and service worlds. The platform also offers a unique solution for running account base marketing activities and focuses on sales and support processes, and their effects on your business’ growth. Our B2B team specializes in running the HubSpot platform and offers a variety of associated services:
  • Marketing & sales Hub consulting
  • Strategic & planning workshops
  • Platform implementation Hands-on Hubspot operation
  • API integration
  • Reports & dashboards creation
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