We know how to provide organizations with an organized attainable work than retaining an existing customer

Data & Analysis

The entry point into the world of data-based marketing is the ability to gather data and generate customer-level applied insights. To develop and establish appropriate infrastructures with supporting technologies for data-based marketing requires knowledge and experience. We know how to provide organizations with an organized attainable work, considering where they are at, their marketing needs, and capabilities.

Using our know-how, we have accompanied dozens of leading companies in establishing data-based marketing capabilities for eCommerce sites, CPG companies, fashion chains, food chains, and more:

  • Data strategy – Defining the needs and characterizing the solutions.
  • unify DWH – ETL process for centralized different data sources and channels into one.
  • CDP – Collecting digital data of the level of identified and unidentified web browsers.
  • Segmentation – run different customer segmentation models
  • Performance – digital campaigns and marketing activities analysis
  • Dashboard BI – Displays data and customer-focused research capability.
  • integration to marketing platforms – Email, SMS, personalization, and more.
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