in other words create true personal experience true personal experience for each user


What do all successful e-commerce sites globally have in common? The outstanding ability to perform data research and analyze customer behavior patterns. Then, to immediately apply the relevant campaign, in other words create true personal experience for each user.

Our expertise includes extensive knowledge in building data driven marketing infrastructure for e-commerce sites, and applying marketing automation and personalization technologies to deliver 1:1 experience

The tools we use include:

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) – Build a unify user profile.
  • Unidentified users – collect and profile anonymous users
  • segmentation methodology LTV/CRM – analysis base segmentation models
  • BI Analytic – customer centric Dashboard
  • Marketing Automation – Characterizing, planning, and managing customer interfaces.
  • AI insight & conversion – AI driven platform to improve conversion rate by personalization
  • Analytics – Implementing and operating Google Analytics and GTM.
  • Paid media (SEM) – google & Facebook performance base media
  • Organic Google (SEO) – Search engine optimization.  
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