strategic planning

In an era in which “the customers have control” companies must maintain direct and personalized relationships with their consumers.
Our planning department specializes in creating digital marketing relationships between brands and their consumers.
From lead to loyal customer, we help to plan the entire journey.


The advent of the digital space has dramatically changed the way recruitment process. Customers search and research for the solutions they desire without having to contact or leave identifying details with a company – and they choose the best time for them to finally reach out. In order to succeed in this space, companies must create high-quality and comprehensive content that responds to their potential customers’ needs – and publish it on a wide variety of channels, while continuously engaging in monitoring and inspection activities.
we will help you to create lead generation strategy that continuously generates consistent and quality results:

Exploring the reason why and motivation  
Conversions funnels and KPI 
Data collecting & enriching 
PPC planing and execution 
Chatbot implementation to increase leads quality  
Smart landing pages 
Optimization processes


A successful loyalty program is a significant strategic element in any company’s ability to retain customers, increase revenues and stand out from the competition.
Our team specializes in providing a holistic and strategic solution for the establishment and operation of customer member clubs and loyalty programs, from the decision-making stage, to the loyalty program’s launch.We accompany brands throughout the process and are committed to its success.

Program design and scheme
Financial modeling
Data & ETL processes
Recruitment and retention programs 
Branding and creative
program promotion via digital & social channels 
Employees incentive program design 
Analytics and dashboards

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One of the greatest advantages of e-commerce websites is the fact that all buyers are identified. As such, marketing on e-commerce sites enables the adoption of a data-driven approach – accessibility to information on purchase habits, customer value, preference, etc., alongside the direct activation of media channels. Our vast experience in working with identified customers in conjunction with digital data collecting and personalization technologies, in real-time, enables us to help websites grow and flourish in local and international markets. Our services for e-commerce sites are most comprehensive and include:

Planning customer buyer journey 
Financial and marketing analysis 
Monetarily & behavioral segmentation  
Cross-sell & up-sell campaigns 
Core processes – cart abandonment, bounce, etc’   
Data driven targeting 
Conversion rate optimization (CRO)


A proper customer journey accompanies and meets up with the customer at every important decision-making point throughout their marketing relationship with the brand.
Automation platforms have increased brands’ ability to respond and plan automated responses for every significant event.
We have the capabilities and the experience needed to implement the correct customer journey for every brand, from mapping touch-points and creating initial points of contact from a creative perspective, to running the technological side of selected systems. Our goal is to create a customer journey that creates experiences and responds to every customer’s needs.

Definition of goals and KPI 
Data structure and activation  
Email marketing execution
Journey and main decision junctions mapping 
Funnels testing & optimization 
Technological operation  
Analyze & reporting 


According to Adobe, 77% of marketing managers say that in the moment of truth, digital personalization is critical to marketing, but 60% say that it is very hard to implement these processes.

In order to successfully implement a digital personalization program in the moment of truth, we integrate design and content that are customized to meet your brand’s scenarios and segments, with technologies that enable management, data collection and analysis, and focused presentation of the content to the customer, to create a personalized customer experience whenever they engage with your brand’s digital assets and channels.

Definition of goals and KPI
Technology implementation  
Segment and persons definition
Massage strategy and hierarchy 
Multi variant testing
Paid media integration 
Analyze & reporting  

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