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Loyalty is the creation of value.

The loyalty program must generate a monetary and engagement value for customers. When done well, the program will be cost-effective to the brand in the long run by generating a higher retention rate and customer quality data.

We provide loyalty solutions to:

  • B2C retailers
  • E-commerce
  • B2B loyalty


Digital Media – More Than Just Facebook and Google


Program design

Marketing and financial modeling of the loyalty program


Reward technology

Third party solution for managing reward programs.


Hybrid service

From consultation to perform, we can customize our services to suit your needs.

"The cost of recruiting a new customer is, on average, five times higher than retaining an existing customers."

planning - Customized loyalty program based on company needs and goals.
Marketing Automation - plan the customer journey and relevant touchpoints.
Managed Data - Data characterization and Unification, analysis and BI infrastructure.
Digital Marketing - Promote the program on both pay and organic channels.
Segmentation - CRM Core Methodology - Recruiting, retaining and retaining customers.
Surprise & Delight - creative thinking about how to reward the customer and boost satisfaction.

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