New customer is, on average, five times higher five times higher than retaining an existing customer

Loyalty programs

The cost of recruiting a new customer is, on average, five times higher than retaining an existing customer. Therefore, investing in building a loyalty program that answer customers’ needs and create commercial and experience value will paid to the brand in way of building quality customers data. data that in the short-term improves analysis and digital marketing abilities and. In the long run, it saves money, and Increase revenue per customer.

Sniper’s consultants identify and drive loyalty program processes for leading companies These processes include a design new loyalty program or improve existing program.

  • Characterization and establishment of a loyalty program tailored to the company’s needs and objective.
  • Ongoing operation and management of loyalty programs.
  • Examination and improvement of an existing loyalty program.
  • CRM segmentation methodology – Recruiting, retaining, and returning customers.
  • Marketing Automation – Characterization, planning, and management of the customer journey.
  • Analysis and BI – Analysis of loyalty members results.
  • Digital marketing – Promoting the program through paid and organic digital channels.
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