From Strategy
To Execution
We Deliver Results!

From Strategy
To Execution
We Deliver Results!

Nice to meet you! We are Sniper Marketing

Marketing Agency, specialize in develop and operate customer-focused solutions. We build and maintain data & automation infrastructures for loyalty programs, ecommerce sites and personalization execution

 In times where data and automation technologies set in the heart of the marketing activity. Sniper marketing offer wide range of solutions that can help our customers to overcome the complexity surrounding data driven activities and to derive the great benefits hidden in the data. 

with over 2 decades of experience for leading brands in Israel and worldwide, professional consultants and range of advanced technologies, we know how to create personalized digital experience for your customers and revenue growth to your company


Transactional Data

MA Platform Implementation

Development Dashboards

Planning Customer Journey


Established Loyalty Programs

Our Solutions

build and manage data driven infrastructure >>>

Implement and operate marketing automation technologies >>>

AI driven personalized customer experience >>>

operate google and Facebook shopping tools >>>

Our customers

What is being said about us?

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